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Can doctors really be poor? Well, this one is. Come explore the magic of music, medicine, and money. I’m a music therapist here to support you on your educational and professional journey.

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Personalized Attention for All Your Needs

As a music therapy student, I struggled transitioning from student to employee. Balancing relationships, financial responsibilities, and my new job was a lot of change all at once. The straw that broke my back was the board certification exam!!! 
No music therapist should ever feel alone which is why, I'm here. From music therapy, to medicine, to money, my goal is to give guidance so that you can become a wonderful music therapist!


“Our auditory systems [and] our nervous systems are indeed exquisitely tuned for music. Underlying this is the extraordinary tenacity of musical memory, so that much of what is heard during one’s early years may be “engraved” on the brain for the rest of one’s life”
(Sacks, 2007, p. xi).

Dr. Oliver Sacks, MD




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Transitioning from Student to Professional

From practicum to finding your first job, I am here to assist. Check out my videos and tips to become the best Board Certified Music Therapist you can be


You are a Medical Professional

Society becomes confused by the title "Music Therapist". With the AMTA-Approved Degree Program, you are just as brilliant as a medical professional. Learn how to build your confidence and display advocacy for your unique role.


Want to be a Rich Music Therapists?

IT'S POSSIBLE!!!!! Knowing your self-worth and continuing to build experience will make you an asset. Learn how to promote yourself, negotiate, and stand out. Never settle for less. You'll be rolling in the cash in no time!!!



Hello Beautiful People!!! My name is Megan, AKA The Poor Doctor. I am an optimistic, goal-oriented individual who also loves drinking tea. 

Music therapy is my passion. It is the one place I can tie music and medicine together. However, my journey with music therapy has not always been a walk in the park. Nevertheless, I am here to be authentic and vulnerable. I want to share my stories and struggles in and outside of the profession so we can move forward together.

Main Goal: To make you the best you can be

Main Objective: Creating educational videos


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